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Diane L.

Essex, MD

I have a Volvo which broke down on a Friday evening. I phoned AAA and they took it to T&D automovtive. I met with Dave and he was very honest and said, they might not be able to help as they do not have the technology to work on German vehicles. He did hook it up to a diagnostic tool and found that it was beyond what their shop could do. I thanked him and asked him what I owed him and he said nothing as he was not able to assist me. If you are looking for an honest garage, I would recommend T & D Automotive. As a single women, I must say how refreshing this was NOT to be taken advantage of.

Thomas E.

Google Review

Tony and Dave are a class act. They possess the rare combination of a great work ethic, knowledge across all makes of vehicle and reasonable rates. You also get the benefit of a small shop where the guys you talk to on the phone and in person when you drop off are the guys that will actually be working on your vehicle. My 29yr old Corvette had a brake caliper bolt that had broken off that they discovered during the inspection. They were able to remove it and found a replacement bolt, saving me the hassle of locating and overnighting a new caliper bracket. Not to mention finding the fault which could have had a catastrophic result if it had gone unnoticed. Highly recommended!

Margaret W.

Google Review

My son and I were traveling home to CT on 95 north late at night when our car was struck by a blown tire from the truck in front of us. AAA suggested to have the car towed to T & D. They fixed the issue and tied the front bumper for us so it wouldn't flap on the way home. I was so grateful and happy with their wonderful service. We were back on the road home quickly and safely.

Erik S.

Google Review

We have been bringing our cars to T&D Automotive for several years now and always walked away satisfied. Dave is a very knowledgeable, honest and fair mechanic. If you’re looking for a great local mechanic, please check out T&D automotive. I highly recommend them and you will not be disappointed.

Heather M.

Google Review

Great guys! I always know I trust them with my car and they never talk down to me because I’m a woman. Highly recommend!

Roberto P.

Google Review

Great service! Walked in to get my state inspection done, Tony was very honest, friendly and gave me pertinent information regarding state inspection regulations. He was very upfront about any issues and costs. Even did the reinspect after repairs for free! Reliable & fast service for a solid price.

Andrea S.

Google Review

Fantastic experience getting our cars inspected. Super convenient drop off option and even though they were really busy, the inspections were done quickly. They even went above and beyond in helping me get old stickers off my windshield. Highly recommend!

Ray W.

Google Review

A place where you can trust what they tell you. We have been going there for many years. We moved about 30 min away and we still take are vehicles there. Tony and Dave are top notch!!

Keith B.

Google Review

On a drive home (from Virginia to Connecticut) to visit my father, my truck froze and started smoking on the highway. I was in a bit of a time crunch, as I wanted to be with my father during some medical procedures. I was towed to T&D and I'm so glad that I was. Not only were they kind and understanding, they diagnosed and repaired the truck while honestly and completely explaining exactly what went wrong, and what they did to repair it. The service was extraordinary, timely, and when I picked it up, it was like seeing two old buddies—very service oriented, and priced insanely fairly. I could not recommend them more highly or strongly.

Ravi M.

Google Review

I was stranded with my wife on highway 95 due to flat tire on my car with no spare. So, I got my vehicle towed to this center for patching my care tire. When we visited to drop the vehicle , he saw us and allowed us to stay inside while he patched the tire. It took more than usual time (almost 4hrs) to fix the tire because of unforeseen issues. He fixed it, explained everything that caused the delay and charged very less though it took enormous time to fix the car tire. He is very good hearted, genuine person I had ever seen in automotive centers. Thank you for your service.

Sharon R.

Havre de Grace, MD

Trust very few auto shops, but these two are amazing. Found by accident, but best kept secret in the county. Honest, very capable and direct. Husband and I have been a clients for at least 12 years and have never had any issues. Dave and Tony are always straightforward and never do unnecessary repairs. If you value great service and honesty, this is the place to go.

Charles G.

Atlantic Highlands, NJ

T&D fixed it fast and right. We be happy.

Frank S.

Google Review

Needed a car inspection, seemed like a good shop. Friendly workers, timely completion.

Steven D.

Google Review

Good honest guys. They've helped on a few of our vehicles. Great results every time.

Mike L.

Leesburg, Fl - Google Review

Tony and Dave are absolutely amazing guys. While towing our boat to Florida, the Reese hitch on our truck literally rotted off. We almost lost the boat on RT95. Triple A recommended their garage. They bent over backwards to help us. Even skipped lunch! Because of the frame rot it was not a simple thing to install a new hitch. The work was very professional as was their attitude in explaining what had to be done. It was very refreshing to be treated so respectfully. Their prices were very reasonable. I would highly recommend them. My only regret is that they are so far away. I hope to find a garage with their expertise in Florida.
Thank you Tony and Dave

Chris C.

Univeristy, VA - Yelp Review

Tony and Dave ("T" and "D") are as good as it gets when you find yourself with car trouble away from home. My wife and I were on a trip from Virginia to New Jersey when our engine suddenly started making a very loud and abnormal whistling noise, and we had no choice but to stop for the night in order to diagnose the problem. In such a situation, with little ability to identify the problem ourselves and no confidence in the safety of our vehicle, we needed to entrust ourselves to the wise counsel of knowledgable mechanics. Fortunately, a few other yelp reviewers had spoken highly of Tony and Dave, and we decided to take our car to them. On arriving, Tony advised me of a few ways in which I could diagnose the problem myself so as to avoid needing to pay them for their time unnecessarily. Having done so, I returned the car to them and they immediately began to look into the issue. As it turned out, the issue was an idiosyncratic issue specific to Volvos. Having determined that the issue was not pressing, (and having checked the oil and other fluids for good measure), they sent me on my way without charging me a dollar. This brief interaction showed me that Tony and Dave were deeply knowledgeable about cars, had the integrity to keep costs at a minimum (even $0 if possible), and were both respectful and enjoyable business people. If you find yourself in a similar situation in Aberdeen, MD, it's hard to imagine doing better than T and D.


Staton Island, NY

If I could give them a 10 stars, I would. These guys more and likely saved our lives. After 2 hours on 95 going south, our brakes went out. Through AAA recommendation, we came to T&D Automotive. They worked persistently until they found our problem. We were horrified to find that our recently replaced brakes had a spring that was installed incorrectly and caused our brakes to fail . With in a hour and half we were back on the road. We were only charged for their labor. The next two and half hours of our journey was completed safely thanks to T&D Automotive. Thank You, Tony and Dave

Rebecca G.

Google Review

I got into an accident and was towed to T & D, where Dave was super friendly and accommodating. I was obviously rattled, so it was nice to have someone be both hospitable and helpful.

Jay S.

Google Review

Great guys, honest mechanics which are a rarity. I’ve taken two vehicles here for inspections. I was afraid any garage would say something was wrong just to get some cash. The first one passed no problem, the second had a small issue that I confirmed, and it was obvious it had been leaking for some time. They have earned my business for all my repair needs.


Google Review

Great service nice guys very honest.


Geneva, Fl

On the interstate I had an oil line come loose on my 2016 Chevy Colorado and I had to shut down the engine and pull over immediately. I got towed by a local AAA driver and he recommended T&D for my repair. He dropped me and my truck off at about 5:30 am in the front of T&D. As soon as the owner got to the shop he let me in and as soon as someone got to the shop they started to work on my truck. They got me up and running in less than two hours and charged a reasonable price. Great guys and a great shop to get work done. I wish they were in my area!


Belcamp, MD

Great service by two mechanics that know their stuff! They'll tell you what your car needs and the best way to do it!

Lindsey F.

Google Review

They’re quick, reliable, reasonable, and respectful. I trust them with my car more than any of the other local mechanics! I also go to them for inspections. They’re quick, excellent reviewers, and gives warning on what would need done in future. Highly recommended!


Google Review

Had a state inspection done on a new car i purchased from out of state. Called in morning and was able to get inspected same day! Great service!


Google Review

Excellent service, good price and clear explaination of everything that was going on and needing to be done in the future. I like small shops I can trust because I don't know much about cars myself.

Hugh M

Aberdeen, MD - Google Review

We just moved here from Colorado and started the license plate routine here in Maryland. I have a Jeep and a Subaru and I asked the local Jeep group for a recommendation. One of the members gave me this shop for inspection and any repairs. I was warned of shops that discount the cost of the inspection but nail you by nitpicking the inspection form, punching it into the computer, then holding you hostage for a bunch of repairs at ridiculous prices that you may not really need. T & D did the inspection then gave me a clear explanation of every repair needed and gave me an accurate estimate. Both cars were done in the promised time and when I needed a minor adjustment on a small part, I took it back. It was adjusted and all I got was a handshake and a thank you. This is the old fashioned excellent customer service we used to get. I would take either car back to T & D without hesitation.

LilShowStoppa X.

Aberdeen, MD - Yelp Review

The mechanics I spoke with were very hospitable and honest. They could have easily ripped my limbs off to pay for the repairs on my vehicle, but they worked with me. To top it off, they did not hesitate to explain the technical issues in laymen's terms so I got an understanding of the situation. Meanwhile, at a dealership, your car magically has more things wrong with it than when you bring it in. Their is a false stereotype that the smaller auto shops rip you off, but based on my continuous experience, it's the small business that actually want to make their customers happy and earn their trust. Dealers just rely on standard corporate paychecks and commission-based bonuses! Thank you T&D Automotive for your integrity.


Aberdeen, MD

Took my car there for a second opinion on repairs that another shop said was needed. They went over the list and showed me what my car really needed. A lot of what the other shop said was needed was not. They save me a ton of money. Thanks for being honest.


Google Review

They’re quick, reliable, reasonable, and respectful. I trust them with my car more than any of the other local mechanics! I also go to them for inspections. They’re quick, excellent reviewers, and gives warning on what would need done in future. Highly recommended!


Havre de Grace, MD

They saved me a ton of money by finding a kit to repair a part without removing the whole mechanism. Many places would have removed & replaced the whole part. Really nice guys too.



Car broke down on the highway and was towed in by AAA. They quickly and correctly assessed it, that it had to go to car dealer, on a recall. They were extremely helpful, honest guys! Highly recommend these pros!


Delta, PA

We have been using them for over 10 years now. They have always provided us with great service. Dave and Tony are honest and up front with us about our what our vehicles needs are. They will not try to sell work that is not needed. There are lot of shops closer but we will make the drive from Pennsylvania to go to them.


Aberdeen, MD

We use T and D Automotive for all of our family cars and trucks. We have all makes and models, but this is no problem for Tony or Dave, they have many years of expericence working on almost everything. They will treat your car like thier own. Great prices too.


Conowingo, MD

Great price and great work. Really happy with their inspection and will be taking my vehicle here for servicing.


Aberdeen, MD

A highly professional auto repair facility. They have serviced my three autos for 15 years.


Elkton, MD

GREAT EXPERIENCE. Professional work was done at this shop. Good service by them also.


Joppa, MD

They always answer any questions I have. The service is professional and always friendly. My mother and I have been going to Tony & Dave for years and we are ecstatic with the service. Thanks, guys!

Lisa S.

Silver Spring, MD - Yelp Review

I was in the process of moving from Chadds Ford, PA to Maryland, and ended up at T & D Automotive for my MD inspection, mostly because it was a convenient location.

When I arrived for my inspection, I was greeted by David, I believe. (There are two guys who run it- Tony and David). Both were very nice and friendly. Since I was waiting for my car, they made sure I was comfortable. They have a TV, comfortable chairs, and a nice bathroom for people who wait. The inspection finished quickly, and unfortunately I needed to replace a pair of shocks. David took me back and showed me the parts that needed replacing, and explained to me what was wrong with them, which I really appreciated.

He told me that I could get it repaired elsewhere, and he could reinspect the car, or I could get it repaired there. I chose to get it done there, and he called around to find the parts. He located one that could be at the shop for the next morning, and quoted me just under $400 for the repair. Since my car is a BMW, parts are normally expensive, and I'm pretty sure it would have been at least twice as expensive through a BMW dealer. I came back the next morning, and both Tony and David worked on the repair and got me out of there in about 45 minutes. Two thumbs up for making a failed inspection a good experience!

If I lived closer, I would definitely make this my full-time car place. The owners are friendly, helpful, fair, and good at what they do. I'd highly recommend this place!

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