Auto Repair Services, Harford Maryland

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Oil Change service
Oil Change

Do you know how often your car needs an oil change? You may be surprised at how long you can go between oil changes. We'll let you know how often to change it, and which type of oil is best for your car - conventional or a synthetic brand. We guarantee the oil quality to keep your car going for many miles more!

Exhaust & Muffler repairs
Exhaust & Mufflers

The exhaust system in a car ensures that the toxic exhaust fumes don't get inside your vehicle. It also helps to make sure your engine runs correctly. Exhausts and mufflers help you to achieve the best possible fuel efficiency and cut emissions that pollute the air, making your car more environmentally friendly

Brake Repair Service
Brakes & Brake Repair

Brakes are the most crucial safety feature of your vehicle. To avoid the unexpected, it's recommended to check your brakes at least once every year. In between, don't ignore any sign of problems. Even small changes may indicate your brakes need to be repaired. Have your brakes checked routinely by one of our highly-trained technicians.

tire service, wheel inspection
Tires & Wheels

We offer complete tire service, wheel inspection and repairs. It's vital to check your tire pressure, traction and tread, as well as the state of your wheels. Routine, basic inspection can improve safety and help your fuel economy. Our mechanics will help you understand the basics of tire rotation, balance and alignment.

air conditioning service
Air Conditioning

An air conditioning unit is one of the greatest conveniences that's ever been introduced to a car. Like any other car part, it cannot last forever and needs regular checkups. Don't get caught with your AC broken in the middle of the summer heat!

suspension repair service
Steering & Suspension

Maintaining the steering wheel and suspension system makes for a smoother, safer, more comfortable driving experience. Our experienced technicians and advanced technology allows us to meet all your suspension repair service needs.

diagnose and replace car battery

Just like oil, your car battery needs to be regularly checked. A dead battery can happen without warning. Our diagnostic test tells us if your battery is healthy or if it needs to be changed. Let us diagnose and replace your battery before your car won't start.

Engine Services
Engine Services

Your engine is the heart of the car, it's what keeps it alive. That's why engine oil, engine parts and even air filters are the things that you should check each year! We provide a full-fledged assessment and mechanical checkup for any engine and any car!

Additional services

Alternator Repair Services

Get quality alternator repair services. T&D Automotive can fix bad alternator problems, dead batteries & car starters.

Car Headlight Replacement & Repair

Headlight replacement and repair services for cars and trucks. Replace vehicle headlights with new lights and bulbs at T & D Automotive.

Serpentine & Timing Belt Replacement

Get your serpentine belt & timing belt checked at T & D Automotive. We offer factory recommended belt replacement services for all cars & engines.